BMT Returns to JAMMIN AT HIPPIE JACK'S Americana Music Festival

Y'all Come Camp & Congregate at Jammin' At Hippie Jack's this weekend!

The festival runs Thursday, May 24th thru Sunday, May 27th. BMT's set is on at 1:15 (CST) on Sunday & we might be stickin' around for the Outlaw Gospel show that is the festival closing tradition every year. 

There are many beautiful artists & musicians that will be sharing their gifts all weekend long. Please come ready for a peaceful, lovely, heart & soulful time!!

Don't forget to bring some non-perishable food items with you. Here's a note from Hippie Jack: "Please bring some non perishable food to the festival, proteins are good. Canned chicken, salmon, tuna, peanut butter. You will receive a real nice gift in return for your generosity. This is now why we do this festival. In the beginning it was about music and PBS and great friends and music again. A real good thing. Then Mark & Sarah Benson suggested we collect food. Said they would coordinate it. Ok I said, not thinking much about it. Take it to the pantry's, quick turn around. Are people hungry? Didn't really know. And it grew to somehow being handed a job sort of. Not a job I applied for."