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Have it All
by Jason Tomlinson

This is as good as it gets and that’s great

it’s not settling but rather they’ve  looked at their plate
and saw everything for her and him
all the best for both of them
they’re content with what they have and here’s how
they realize they have it all right now
sure the carrot dangles but honestly they know better
that measures taken to get it will be nothing more than a fetter
as it is realizing what they have values beyond price
they can deny competing offers and never even think twice
cause how can anyone hold a candle to
doing what you love with the one you love and they also love you!
it just works and there’s no end to its delight
from early in the morning to all through the night
they’re doing what they were made to do and they are good to go
ladies and gentlemen may I present – Blue Mother Tupelo