Blue Mother Tupelo live and rockin’ in the garage at the Fairhope Hemp Co. in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama!

The Fairhope Hemp Co. is a favorite spot in Fairhope and hosts live concerts a couple times per-month. Also, the Fairhope Hemp Co. is a store offering hemp-derived products, cannabis, a coffee shop (offering a 22% Veterans discount), health food, herbs, natural goods, vitamins and supplements, as well as a few bottles of wine and a small selection of beers, some hemp-infused lemonades, and frozen slushie. The garage is a really cool place to chill and meet new people. Established in 2019.

“Formerly MacArthur's Garage, the store has been converted into retail space with a historic downtown gas station feel. Due to my daughter's condition known as Congenital Nystagmus, we tried CBD for the first time in 2018 and she experienced a drastic reduction in the oscillation of her eyes. After seeing the enormous benefit of Cannabis from the Hemp Plant I chose to research this option. I later found out in December 20, 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill Act was enacted. This legalized Hemp on a federal level. In early 2019, the state of Alabama opened up enrollment for industrial Hemp growers. I applied and was accepted into the program in 2019, where I obtained my grower and processor licenses and started growing and producing our own product, which consists of but not limited to, THC, CBG, CBN, CBD and other useful Cannabinoids.” -John, Fairhope Hemp Co. Business Owner

John formerly owned MacArthur's Garage where the Fairhope Hemp Co. is located. After being a mechanic for over 10 years, he decided to follow his passion and become a hemp farmer. In 2018, the Hemp Farm Bill was passed into law and John was approved to grow and process hemp in the state of Alabama.

$10 each