Ricky & Micol perform their original songs Blue Mother Tupelo-style on the Bamboo Willie's Stage for the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival!

More info at www.pensacolabeachsongwritersfestival.com & www.bamboowillies.com

Blue Mother Tupelo, along with many other world-class songwriters at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival which runs from Thursday, October 6 - Sunday, October 9! Let the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival introduce you to the songwriters who create the songs that inspire our daily lives. Songs create moods that can put smiles on your faces or tears in your eyes. There are emotions that live within us each and every day that a song sometimes has a way of healing. Hear the stories that inspired the birth of these songs. You will be surprised to learn that the artist on the radio might not be the songwriter. The variety of songwriters is as different as the grains of sand that cover our beautiful pristine beaches. Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival is your chance to meet the writers and hear the stories behind the songs. Like the marriage between the lyrics and the melody of a song, the marriage between the beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach and the songwriters make this the perfect combination to kick back and enjoy Pensacola Beach October 6th - 9th! The Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival appeals to all ages and encourages participation in our songwriting programs.