Blue Mother Tupelo at The Ole Tennessee Opry

The Ole Tennessee Opry, 4 Front Street, Normandy, Tennessee

Live Blue Mother Tupelo concert in a sweet, down-home atmosphere at The Ole Tennessee Opry!

The Ole Tennessee Opry is a precious place to kick back and enjoy soulful live music and elegantly served cuisine, in a down-home atmosphere. Located about an hour outside of Nashville in a little town called Normandy in Bedford County, Tennessee, The Ole Tennessee Opry is two miles from Normandy Lake and 2 miles down the road from the George Dickel Distillery. So, come on y'all, get out of the hustle and bustle and come down home to take-in and really enjoy the stillness of small town country life in Tennessee, incredible live music and amazing grazing at The Ole Tennessee Opry!

Tickets are $25 per-person, includes concert & delicious vittles by Rustic Catering! Limited seating, reserve your spot now in advance thru !