Blue Mother Tupelo live in concert at the West End District in Cleveland, Mississippi! ADMISSION: $10 concert / $15 1lb crawfish & concert / $25 3lbs crawfish & concert

About West End District:

There’s just something about the Delta, a magic of sorts. This most storied of regions draws you in with its music, its history, its culture, its tall tales. You hit the flatland and time slows, opening itself to possibility. Discover hospitality at its finest, music in its authentic form, and experiences like no other.

At the West End District, you’ll experience “The South’s South,” veiled in mystery and allure. We know the Delta is more than just a place on the map; it’s a lifestyle. Here, we embrace the new, modern South, while staying true to our Delta roots. Our 17.5 acre property offers the best in accommodations, local culinary creations and libations, and music that is decidedly Delta. Enjoy great food, inspired design, soulful music with an escape to the West End District.

$10 concert / $15 1lb crawfish & concert / $25 3lbs crawfish & concert